Lily has a go...

Well, I've done it.....I've passed on my first sewing machine on to my daughter Lily. It's the basic Jenome 2200XT machine I took on holiday last year to practice the first made to measure challenge is now her's. It's a simple, light weight and perfect for her.

Now I understand how my mum felt when she was teaching me how to sew.

Gosh you need a lot of patience!


Our session went like this:

Me: Lily I've set up the machine for you, do you fancy having a go?

Lily: No, I'm playing minecraft

Me: Come on, it's easy. I'll show you how to make a bag

Lily: (groan) Okay

I show her how to sew a straight line, then go back into the kitchen to wash up.

Lily: Muuuuuuuuummmmmmmmm, I've gone off the side.

I fix it.

Lily: Mummmmmmmmmm, I've done it again

I fix it, this happens about 5 more times.

Lily: Muuuummmmmmmmmmmm the thread thingy has come out.

I re-thread the machine. It kind of goes on like this for the next hour, me dipping in and out and fixing mistakes. I guess this is pay back for all the times I did the same to my poor mum!

Eventually after seruouslt considering sending her to sewing classes (no mine!) she finished.

This is what she made - How proud am I?


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