Episode 3 "The birdie dress and wrap top"

I've had a few people ask me what patterns I use for the outfits I wear on the Sewing Bee. Each week I wear something homemade and unique. I feel clothes should be an expression of yourself as well as a uniform.

In episode 3 I wear a dress made from "IKEA" curtain fabric! I'd made some blinds for the house and had some left over. The lightness of the fabric really helps to keep the bell shape of the dress.

V1175 - Vogue - Donna Karan

I've made this pattern up LOADS of times in various fabrics. One of my favourites is shown - made from furnishing fabric. It's easy to make, easy to wear and looks great!

The wrap top was made from a vintage McCalls pattern that my mum gave me. It's made from rib stretch cotton and I kept the edges raw on the ruffles to create a more modern look.

I LOVE mixing vintage and modern.

See what I wear next week!

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