Groan,'s just so slow!

I remember as a child, enjoying the clicky click of the needles (or was it click...stop oops, pick up stitch)

My re-introduction to knitting wasn't very smooth. I remember the basics, but to be honest I could have made a 3 piece suit in the time it takes me to knit a very loopy mediocre scarf!

Having bought the wool, needles, knitting bag (the bag wasn't eccential, but I found a really cute wash bag that makes a great home for my wool) I thought Oh No what a waste....

Luckily my daughter Lily (9 going on 14) has taken a real interest in french knitting and all things wool in general!

Finally.....I thought I might be going to the grave with all these skills handed down to me by my mother and grandmother.

She has gravitated from the "rainbow loom" to good old fashioned knitting. I was getting a bit sick of picking up little rubber bands off the floor, now I'm tripping over balls of wool.

So I'm donating the needles etc to her, as I have my eye on a knitting loom from PRYM. I saw it at the "Stitches" exhibition at the NEC last week. It looks a little like a venus fly trap, but my goodness it's fast......only thing is that it's circular.

Leg warmers, cowl anyone?

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