My work space

Where you work needs to be inspiring.  If you sew on your kitchen table, have your mood boards or pin board near by.  Try and keep this space tidy, there is nothing worse than losing a pattern piece underneath loose threads, paper and scrap material!

Mood boards​

I use these for specific projects. Have fun with them.  Pin, glue, staple anything and everything that is relevant to that project and have them infront of you as you sketch.

Scrap books

I stick magazine images, postcards and pretty much anything in my scrap book, and then I sketch on the same page using those images.  Eventually you'll have a library of inspiration personal to you!


I prefer an A4 size note book as I like to have lots of images on one page.



Always keep a note book, phone or scrap book to hand. Get into the habit of making sketches, notes, taking pictures.  I have scrap books from 10 years ago that I use for inspiration.  It's almost like keeping a visual diary.  I look back at my books and automatically remember where I was living, what I was inspired by, how I dressed and what I was listening to at that time.